Kimberly Elisa – Avalon Hotel, Beverly Hills

Kimberly Elisa – Avalon Hotel, Beverly Hills

Kimberly Elisa’s powerful spellbinding and piercing gaze are some of the amazing feelings you get from the Avalon Hotel, displayed in the editorial pages for Los Angeles Iona Magazine! Kimberly Elisa – Avalon Hotel photographer, Donn Thompson of Dracinc captured the beauty and sexiness of a woman who was not afraid to show her vulnerability.

Kimberly Elise Trammel, professionally known as Kimberly Elise is a stunning American film and television actress who debuted in the 1996 feature film, “Set It Off”. She later received critical acclaim for her performance in the well-known roles Oprah Winfrey’s “Beloved.” Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.”

Kimberly Elise Avalon Hotel Photographer

Beverly Hills, Avalon Hotel, storied boutique hotel of mid-century stars like Marilyn Monroe and Desi Arnaz, has long been the getaway from the Los Angeles hectic scene. The Avalon Hotel value’s the privacy of a home away from home and cares that you’re well. So let’s dive in. It’s easy to picture the beautiful woman, welcome to Kimberly Elise – Avalon Hotel’s personal photoshoot.

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I remember this day in Los Angeles, the weather was excellent, and the cast was so on point it was like yesterday. I was using a full-frame camera for the first time, that was the new thing back then. With all my excitement moments, I forgot what lens I was using. This was when I discover I love using the 14mm lens.

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Kimberly Elise – Avalon Hotel Gianni Versace

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New York Celebrity Photographer Kimberly Avalon Hotel

New York Celebrity Photographer Kimberly Elise – Avalon Hotel

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Kimberly Elise – Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills is where these photographs were captured by New York Photographer Donn Thompson.

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  1. Chithra

    Loved reading about how you were so excited you forgot what lens you were using. You captured the emotion emanating from her eyes in every shot!

  2. Raxann Chin

    You captured her essence! Well done!

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