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Have you ever been captivated by someone's gaze in a photo, enticed to take a closer look, or even tempted to steal a glance? Whether in black and white or in full colour, photographs and portraits have a unique ability to tell stories, even in fashion, beauty, lifestyle editorials, and advertising.

While some may argue that words and images go hand in hand, I believe a picture can convey an entire story independently.

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New York Advertising Photographer Portfolio

Hello. I'm Donn Thompson, also known as Dracinc. I'm an international photographer based in New York City. I specialize in commercial advertising, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.


Good photography can elicit emotions and encapsulate the beauty of our society while simultaneously reflecting status, cultural expression, and even rebellion. Through my work, my team and I strive to inspire and cultivate a sense of belonging for people from all walks of life.

We pay close attention to even the smallest details to ensure that our final product is of the highest quality and achieves the desired outcome. In the early stages of my career, I worked with some of the most prominent commercial advertising photographers in New York City.

Later, I collaborated with iconic fashion designers, magazine editors, and fashion brands, which helped me further develop my creativity. I am always open to my client's ideas and work hard to bring their vision to life.

With over thirty years of photography experience, I can stay ahead of the curve and establish myself as one of the best photographers in New York City.

As a New York fashion photographer, I work in studios or on location to create, photograph, and record compelling images that showcase the world's beauty.

My passion for photography dates back to my childhood when I used to flip through the pages of Look Magazine, a bi-weekly oversized fashion magazine that stopped publishing in 1971. It introduced me to the world of fashion and different cultures worldwide. I was particularly fascinated by James Barnor, a Ghanaian photographer who captured the street fashion of Ghana in the 1960s and '70s. His work inspired me to pursue a career as a fashion photographer.

I am always curious about the photo gear that makes the most crucial designs or layouts come to life. I hope to take you on a fascinating journey to capture the various faces, shades of colours, personalities, and cultures while designing a unique, creative, and cutting-edge advertising campaign. I always strive to stay within a project's budget and meet tight deadlines.

From places with blue waters to dark and dangerous situations, high in the sky strapped to a harness, or just waiting for the right time to click the shutter on my camera, these adventures have motivated me as a New York commercial photographer.

New York Beauty Photographer

New York Beauty Photographer

Beauty photography is an art that uses light, colours, locations, mood, and makeup to narrate a story that connects with the intended audience. The main goal of any beauty product photography session is not just to take a picture but to convey a feeling, an attitude, or a sentiment that speaks to the heart of interests and desires, representing various interpretations of beauty.

As a professional New York Beauty Photographer, my team and I possess the expertise to capture the essence of our subjects and deliver the appropriate message through our images. We aim to take you on an exciting journey to capture the various faces, shades of colours, personalities, and cultures while designing a unique, creative, and cutting-edge advertising campaign.

The beauty and fashion industry understands the importance of showcasing products that resonate with people's self-expression.

New York Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir photography has evolved from its origins as a tool for objectifying women and as a World War II propaganda tool for "pin-up girls." As a New York-based boudoir photographer, I need to ensure that women feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their photoshoots and that they approve of the final results. Boudoir photography has become a means of self-awareness for women, allowing them to explore their sensuality and beauty in an empowering way.

It's important to note that the art of suggestive, mysterious, intimate, and sensual photographs is not meant to entice men. Instead, the goal is to capture the unique spirit and personality of the individual being photographed. As a boudoir photographer, this type allows for creative freedom, adventure, and a sense of power when executed well. Today, boudoir photography is all about capturing the beauty of women in a way that makes them feel empowered and confident.

New York Photographer

I am a professional photographer based in New York, specializing in advertising photography. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience and knowledge working with various art forms. I have been privileged to develop essential advertising campaigns showcased worldwide. My work involves capturing images that creatively and effectively convey consumers' feelings, requirements, and needs. I have collaborated with major advertising agencies, everyday people, record labels, design studios, fashion designers, and brands nationwide.

I have photographed magazine covers, iconic albums, and CD covers. As a New York Photographer based in Harlem, I have travelled across the globe to photograph famous jazz musicians, R&B singers, rappers from New York and Los Angeles, and actors and actresses. I have also taken corporate photographs of CEOs. I have worked in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, and the Caribbean.

If you need a New York photographer to shoot your ad campaign or are looking for headshots or portraits to create an appealing magazine or CD cover, I am here to serve you. My visionary lenses will help to improve your brand's image. A portrait photograph captures all aspects of the image, as photographed by New York Portrait Photographer Donn Thompson.

New York Lifestyle Photographer

Look no further if you're looking for a skilled photographer to bring your project to life. I specialize in capturing natural moments in exotic locations or Dracinc Studio, using Lifestyle Photography to create engaging and creative images.
My extensive experience makes me understand the importance of capturing time as it unfolds. I excel at telling stories brands and advertising agencies want to convey to consumers. My diverse team enables me to access various resources simultaneously, including the best locations, exceptional talent, and studios, to execute your vision if needed.

As a New York-based Photographer, I can help design and photograph fantastic advertising campaigns worldwide or locally. Let's work together to capture the essence of beautiful people, monuments, and iconic moments in unforgettable places and add to their experience.

New York Photographer Dracinc Exotic Location

Capturing or creating moments naturally can be a challenge. However, Lifestyle Photography is a creative and engaging way to do so.

With my extensive experience, I understand the importance of time as it unfolds. I tell stories that brands or advertising agencies want to convey to consumers.

My team's diverse viewpoints enable me to access various resources simultaneously. I can bring together the best locations, exceptional talent, and studios to execute your vision if necessary.

As a New York Photographer, I can help you design and photograph fantastic advertising campaigns worldwide or locally. Let's capture the essence of beautiful people, monuments, and iconic moments in unforgettable places and add to their experience.


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