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Who is looking at you, luring you to try it, pick it up or even steal a glimpse? Whether in colour or black & white, photos & portraits tell unique stories even in their supporting roles in Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Editorial and Advertising. You can argue it's a partnership between words and images, but I'm slightly biased. I believe the picture tells the whole story. Allow Harlem Photographer Dracinc / Donn Thompson to help you tell your narrative.
Harlem Celebrity Photographer - Dracinc | Donn Thompson

Kimberly Elise Avalon Hotel Photo

Advertising Harlem Photographer Portfolio

Dracinc / Donn Thompson is who I am. I am a Harlem Photographer based in New York City as a Commercial Advertising Photographer.

Excellent Photography Evokes Emotion and Seizes Our Consciousness of Beauty in our society connecting to status, cultural expression, and rebellion.

As a result, photography shoots can be a source of inspiration, aspiration, and belonging, creating a diverse and broad canvas for expression -- especially for commercial photographers.

Bahamas Commercial Advertising Photo

Harlem Photographer - Dracinc | Donn Thompson Experience

Harlem Photographer. New York Advertising Photographer. New York Fashion Photographer. New York Beauty Photographer. New York Boudoir Photographer. New York Portrait Photographer. and New York Lifestyle Photographer are some of the titles, along with my thirty-plus years of experience.
I am most comfortable. My team and I focus on all the small parts to allow you to see details that produce a triumphant ending with the highest quality.

At the beginning of my career, I assisted some of the most significant commercial advertising photographers in New York City. I also have collaborated with some fantastic iconic New York Fashion photographers. I absorbed many great lessons most of these iconic Beauty and Fashion photographers in New York City taught me.

Harlem Beauty Photo

Harlem Photographer

Working as a Harlem Fashion Photographer in studios or on location, I have gained the knowledge and, resources, understanding of most, if not all, photography gear to make the most crucial designs or layouts come to life. I love creating, photographing, and recording compelling images for the world to see while staying within a project's budget and meeting tight deadlines.

I hope to take you on a fascinating journey to capture the various faces, shades, personalities, and cultures while designing a unique, creative, and cutting-edge advertising campaign.

Places with blue waters, dark and dangerous situations, or high in the sky strapped to a power shoot, just waiting for the right time to click the shutter on my camera. These experiences have inspired me as a Harlem, New York, Commercial Photographer.

Beauty Harlem Photographer

Blonde Woman African Beaded Photo

The beauty industry knows this, as well. Do we showcase a product that resonates with how people want to present themselves?

Beauty photography uses lights, mood, colours, locations, and makeup, which tells the final story that resonates with intended consumers.

The object of any beauty product photography session is not to take a picture but to portray a feeling, an attitude, or a sentiment that speaks to the heart of interests and desires in what represents the many interpretations of Beauty. As a New York City Beauty Photographer, my team and I understand how to conquer a subject's essence to deliver the appropriate message through images...

Fashion Harlem Photographer

New York fashion photography

My introduction to Fashion Photography was Look Magazine, the bi-weekly oversize Fashion Magazine that stopped publishing in 1971.

As a young child flipping through the pages, I got glimpses worldwide.

I was incredibly intrigued by Ghanaian photographer James Barnor, who photographed Ghana's streets fashion of the 1960s and '70s, which inspired me to do today's work. Over the years as a New York Fashion Photographer, I have set up Art Directed—fashion photoshoots for Fashion Designers, Fashion Publications, and other creative Fashion Photography Projects.

I have gathered the best team to explore ideas, heighten the drama, and fully express the client's creative vision. I would be delighted to photograph your project.

Boudoir Harlem Photographer

Harlem boudoir Photo

Boudoir photography, the art of suggestive, mysterious, intimate, sensual photographs, has come a long way from the objectification of women and a World War II propaganda tool with the original "pin-up girls." As a New York Boudoir Photographer, showing its evolution into an expression of empowerment.

These visual stories are not for enticing men. When executed well, New York boudoir photography gives space to creative freedom, adventure, and power. Today, these images are unique and captive of the individual's spirit and personality.

New York Photographer

Nassau Bahamas Orange Hill  Engagement Photo

Professional Advertising Photography is used in many art forms, as a New York Advertising Photographer for the past thirty-plus years, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I've had the privilege and honour of developing some essential advertising campaigns showcased worldwide. I've photographed alluring images to creatively and effectively present consumers' feelings, requirements, and needs.

I have worked with significant Advertising Agencies, everyday people, Record Labels, Studios & Fashion Designers, and Brands Nationwide. As a Harlem photographer, I Photographed Covers of Prevalent Magazines, Albums, and CDs for some of the most prominent Jazz Musicians, New York and Los Angeles Rappers, Actors, Actresses, and corporate photographs of CEOs

Portraits Harlem Photographer

Better In The Bahamas Ad Friends Photo

From New York, Paris & The Bahamas. Dracinc | Donn Thompson's visionary lenses will help to improve your brand's image.

Do you need a New York Photographer to shoot your ad campaign? Or are you looking for a headshot or portraits to create an appealing magazine or CD cover?

A Portrait Photo captures all aspects of the image photographed by New York Portrait Photographer Donn Thompson.

Dracinc Studio Shoot

Book me as your NYC Commercial Photographer to bring your next project to life. Whether we an exotic location or at Dracinc studio, let's create the most memorable images.

Mount Morris Blonde Girl Photo

Lifestyle Harlem Photographer

Jamaica Bamboo River Rafting Photographer
Jamaica Bamboo River Rafting

Harlem Photographer Exotic Location Dracinc | Donn Thompson

As a New York Lifestyle Photographer, capturing the moments can be challenging as it happens naturally. Lifestyle Photography is engaging and imaginative.

My vast experiences allow me to see the importance of time as it unfolds. I tell the stories the Brand or Advertising Agency needs or wants to convey to the consumer.

My incredible team's viewpoint taps into various resources simultaneously. Encouraging me to employ the precise crew helps you discover the best locations, exceptional talent, and studios if needed. Doing whatever it takes to execute your vision.

Book me as your Commercial Lifestyle Photographer to bring your project to life, designing and photographing fantastic advertising campaigns worldwide or locally. Let's add to the experience and photograph many beautiful people, monuments iconic moments in unforgettable places.

Book Dracinc - Donn Thompson

If you need a New York photographer or a Harlem Photographer to promote your project and have questions, don't hesitate to contact Dracinc - Donn Thompson. Leave a message today.

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