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Ariantze Hotel Guyana – Boudoir New York Photography

 New York Boudoir Photographer Donn Thompson chooses blue lights as his best choice for this intimate photoshoot inspired by the Ariantze Hotel.

New York Boudoir Photographer Shooting At The Sidewalk Cafe

On Middle Street, in the heart of Georgetown, Guyana, this charming old-world place, constructed from some of the most exotic woods you can only find in the interior of Guyana jungles. The artfully painted walls are made of bold, bright colours of blues, greens, and yellow. It is also a place to sample many signature dishes originating from Guyana’s many cultural influences. The appealing downstairs area is the Sidewalk Cafe (now known as Midtown Cafe), which turns into a Jazz Night Club after hours. Here, one can enjoy the soothing sounds of South America’s finest jazz musicians.

Her Perfect Dark Skin Body

A tall, slender-necked, dark-skinned female discovers her reflection in the mirror, as the moody blue light illuminates the emotions stemming forth from her suggestive demeanor. The view embraces her eyelids like two moonbeams thrust across the sky. Consumed by intense sensual feelings and completely wrapped up at that moment, she clutches her chest as if she was performing for different viewers who gazed at her long sexy limbs.

Boudoir New York PhotographyGuyana’s Ariantze Hotel

New York Boudoir Photographer in the Sidewalk cafe in Guyana.

New York Boudoir Photographer Inside The Sidewalk Cafe In Guyana, Geogetown.

An images by Dracinc / Donn Thompson New York Boudoir Photographer

Ariantze Hotel Peek-A-Boo – Guyana Photographer

Boudoir Uninhibited Vulnerability At The Ariantze Hotel, GT. Guyana.

Underneath this modestly dressed woman, a tender vulnerability is exposed. The gleam in her eyes is a glimpse of her inherent innocence. The blue colour gels cast intricate patterns of highlights and shadows on her immaculate body. In the privacy of her own space, she expresses herself freely. Uninhibited by the inconsequential opinions of others, she finds the courage to be her authentic self.

Sidewalk Cafe Boudoir Images – New York Photographer Dracinc / Donn Thompson

All images were lighted with the Speedotron Blackline strobe system and Canon cameras, and Canon lens.

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