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There are so many facets to fashion. Fashion photography seizes the culture, style, and aesthetics of clothing designs. As a Harlem based fashion photographer, I have traveled to some amazing exotic locations to photograph fashion. My creative team and I are here to bring the unique vision you have for your project to life.

Noteworthy fashion photo images are often a collaborative process between groups of individuals coming together for a common purpose. An assistant and wardrobe stylist will fine-tune the details of a model's attire so that the beauty of the garments is fittingly showcased in the images. A makeup artist and nail technician use colors to enhance the model's face and nails, respectively.

As the photographer, I guide the model's flow and movement, while simultaneously focusing on the best location, lighting, and angles for each shot. All this helps to make the clothing stand out. My expertise is in understanding the execution of photography and skillfully producing high-quality photos.

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