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Dracinc / Donn Thompson Harlem Artistic Photographer

 Queens of Beauty
Harlem NYC  Artistic Photographer Blonde Girl Big Nude
Harlem NYC Artistic Photographer Guyana  Woman Semi Nude
Harlem Artistic Photographer Gold Rock Beach Semi Nude
Mex Girl Sex Nude Harlem NYC Artistic Photographer
Harlem Semi Nude Window Light Photographer
Harlem Under the window Nude Photography
Harlem Brown Stone Bench Nude Photo
Harlem Semi Nude Colour Window Light photography
Hand Standing 114 Freeway Nude Photo
Nude Woman
Harlem NYC Artistic Photographer Silhouette Woman & Daughter
Guyana Side Walk Cafe Harlem NYC Artistic Photographer
The Body Harlem NYC Artistic Photographer
Harlem BrownStone Photographer Long Legs Nude Photo
Harlem NYC Artistic Photographer Green Passion
New Jersey Boudoir Photographer
Morning Blues Sexy Sexy Woman Photo
The Nude Face Photo
 New York Naked Yoga Photograph
A Nude Photo Essay
Nude Red Women
Harlem NYC  Artistic Photographer Black Girl Big Nude
Harlem NYC Artistic Photographer Nassau Saunders Beach
Harlem NYC Artistic Photographer Los Angeles Underwear
Harlem NYC Artistic Photographer Wet Hair Nude Story
Harlem Artistic Photographer Washington Heights Beauty
Bahamas National Park Travel Photographer
The nude dark body Photo
Backside Black Ass Nude Photo
Harlem Brown Stone Ass Nude Photo

New York Artistic Photography

For me, when I look at photography, I also see it as art. I use colors, composition, and perspective and make them work together. I don't limit my thoughts on how I want to see an image, an attitude without limitations. As a New York Advertising Photographer, I encourage you to view my intimate photographs, see how I execute the stories I want to tell, recognizing I keep the beauty of history in mind. Showing you how erotic and sexual I want you to feel about yourselves.

The Great Masters

Edward Weston, Helmut Newton, James Barnors, and Ansel Adams were the great masters of photography.

Ansel Adams's black and white landscape was so rich and full of tonal qualities. His creation of the zone system made his black and white images look like color images. These photographers are the real masters of modern-day photography.

Lights and Shadows

Edward Weston's peppers' images and how he used shadows and lights to make those peppers look like art are amazing. I would urge most young or want photographers who want to learn lighting to view Mr. Weston's peppers' images.

Ghanaian Photographer

James Barnor, Ever Young, a Ghanaian photographer based in London since the 1990s, his career spans six decades. Although his work was not widely known for much of that period, it has latterly been discovered by new audiences. In his street and studio photography, Barnor represents societies in transition in the 1950s and 1960s: Ghana moved toward Independence. He made me look at fashion through a more skilled eye, which I use .every day.

Big Nude

Finally, Helmut Newton freely photographed women in the book called Big Nude, created an illusion for me as if I was there. This master made me see the human body as the art we don't want to look at. The way each part of the individual body part connected is an art all by itself to show. That was the freedom of Helmut Newton.

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