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New York Black & White Photography

Lately, black and white photography has been considered an art form. Some even say the most skilled photographers have learned to work in monochrome. It's a medium with a rich history that helps expand their craft to the next level, said Dracinc a Harlem Black & White Photographer

Black and white photography has been a basic form of growth that made me see the camera eyepiece more beneficial.

My photography approach is simple, with a more aesthetic eye, making me a better photographer. As a New York black & white photographer who works as an Advertising Photographer, Black and white have many other elements that I look at and use. The tonal quality helps my clients see the contrast, textures, shapes, forms, and light flow.

New York Photographer Donn Thompson

Creative Flow

Before digital photography, the only way to work in black and white photography was to use black and white film and a dark room or lab.

Kodak Tri-X, Plus-X, and Ilford High-Speed infrared film was my go-to film to play with in the darkroom. I have discovered and improved upon creating the same black & white images on my computer as In the black-and-white lab.

I hope you see, as I do, the beauty of black and white, light and dark, shadows and highlights that make you think of colour.

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