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Please know and understand, I own the copyrights to all the images and content on this website. Please don't steal or screenshot anything of the photographs. I will find you and pursue compensation for the full value. The images and textual content found on this website are the sole property of and held under New York Photographer Dracinc / Donn Thompson ( which is Me ). Everything is protected under the U.S. Copyright Law. The photography and textual content on this site must not be downloaded or reproduced in any way or used for any personal, editorial, or commercial use without my written permission. If you wish to use or purchase any images found on this website, please contact me for more information. Usage may be granted if you provide a reasonable and written request for time usage or compensation for the images. These images and content are protected by copyright. No use, theft, or duplication of this actively monitored image shall be granted without the written permission from Dracinc /Donn Thompson © 2020. Compensation will be aggressively pursued. Please contact Donn Thompson from the contact page for any info.

United States Copyright Office


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T H E - V A L U E - O F - A - C O P Y R I G H T

All of my images have value, and they may have an even greater value when they're shared worldwide. To put a global value system in perspective, in commercial photography, a photograph becomes proportionally more valuable based on the number of persons who will see such said photograph.

The photographs I created for my self-assigned projects have the ability to be screened and received international attention. I'm forced to be particularly vigilant about citations to ensure that my business receives appropriate exposure if the photographs achieve some measure of acclaim.

At times, most acknowledgment is slightly less of the effect includes a citation of my images. In editorial circles, attaching authorial credit to images is common. Magazines and newspapers almost invariably post the name of the photographer near every photograph. That credit is standard for a photographer to also receive in exchange for having their work appear in a publication.

With the Internet's arrival, many publications are now extending that credit to include URLs to photographer websites. Likewise, and in following with that established tradition, when any of my photos appear on websites, blogs, or social media, my logo (via watermark), my name, and a link to my website must accompany the work.

I recognize that my publication concern may seem demanding to someone outside the advertising or publishing industry. I hope that these additional explanations provide you with a greater understanding of the importance of citations. First, with my name and URL included with every photograph, It will greatly improve the chance that interested parties will visit my website.

The administrators of social media and blogging. It's easier to spend time searching for websites. By providing the URL next to the photograph, the chances of a website visit expanded. I place great value on new website visits, both in terms of broadening exposure for my work, increasing potential for new clients. If these two reasons weren't good enough, the links might also have excellent SEO value.

For the textual citations I've discussed in detail, my logo must appear on any photographs shared via social media or on blogs. A small logo is positioned at the bottom right outside the edge of all images.

Reasons, further explain my citation requirements, when a complete citation is available, then commercial and editorial interests are inconceivable to use that photograph without first approaching me for permission. If a logo or citation is present, and a business or publication decides to forego that permission process and instead accept to use any image without my approval, they are liable for actual and statutory damages.

A few years ago, a few of my photographs were printed in Essence magazine of a famous person I shot for another magazine to help put this in perspective. Essence magazine people failed to contact me for permission and did not properly identify my ownership of photographs, to speak about some compensation type. They also turned around for the upcoming issue and used more of the same shoot images after being called and notify about the usage rights and payment. Clients who had commissioned the photographs had done so with the understanding that they were for their use only.

Months after the photographs were created, This famous person submitted them to Essence Magazine because of not having the time to sit to shoot for Essence Magazine and loving the images we created together. Unfortunately, although Essence Magazine should have known better than to print photographs without proper attribution, the famous person's information sharing of our photoshoot. Essence Magazine was not able to claim defensible ignorance but to pay for their fault.

In this particular situation, I was within my rights to seek as much compensation from Essence Magazine to the fullest. This famous person only shared information with Essence Magazine for them to used correctly. I settled with Essence Magazine for a fee, which I thought was a fair payment to me at the time. The Essence Magazine article was liable for $25,000 per photograph plus attorney's fees, base on their readership. As you can perhaps now understand, given the huge financial discussion in matters related to copyright, proper citation is no small matter. Taking only this one case as an example, Essence Magazine cost me thousands of lost revenue.

Most people outside of our profession have suggested that I be thankful for the increased exposure from having my photographs shared around the world. And although it's certainly fun to see folks say nice things about my art, that appreciation doesn't generate revenue for my business—especially when the people viewing my photography are completely unaware of the identity of the photographer/artist (namely me) DRACINC / DONN THOMPSON ©

Some folks might even argue that a greater exposure for my images might somehow lead to new business opportunities even though my business information isn't attached to the photograph. That idea would be nice to consider, but it's unlikely for that to happen. Someone would need to appreciate the photograph, begin a search for the photographer, discover the photographer, and then pay the photographer a nice fee for their work.

Some photographers have been lured by this unfulfilled promise of greater glory far too often to consider this a real possibility. I remain convinced that if my photographs don't have an appropriate citation or logo applied, it's statistically implausible that I'll receive any direct benefit from their publication on blogs or social media.

T E R M - O F - U S E

Upon receiving written permission from me, here are the terms and conditions required to share my photographs publicly.

  1. When my photographs are used in an online editorial context, I must be cited under each picture with the words "DRACINC / DONN THOMPSON" displayed as an underlined hypertext link and must link to the www.dracinc.com. The HTML used to link to the URL may not When photographs are displayed on Facebook or Pinterest, the following text must be included in the description of every picture: "
  2. When my photographs are used online, photographs may not be cropped, resized, or otherwise modified. Additionally, the DRACINC / DONN THOMPSON logo must appear attached to every photo and may not be hidden, altered, or removed.
  3. When my photographs are used in a printed editorial context, I must be cited with the words "DRACINC www.dracinc.com" under each picture or in the margin as dictated by the publication's style guide.
  4. Permission to display the photographs may be rescinded at any time for any reason. If a removal request is provided, you agree to remove the pictures within 24 hours.
  5. You must contact and obtain separate permission from me and offer just compensation before sharing these photos with any other party or when using the photographs in printed or electronic advertising, magazines, website portfolios, websites, or blogs outside of your direct control or on your business website.
  6. If you fail to abide by these Terms & Conditions, you agree to compensate me (and my clients when applicable) for any usage. That usage is based on the monetary rate that would be customary and by photographic industry rates at the time of publication or distribution. You may also be held liable for actual and statutory damages.

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For more information about Dracinc / Donn Thompson Photography, please visit www.dracinc.com or call 646 - 705 - 2031

These images are protected by copyright. © 2021 Dracinc / Donn Thompson . No use, theft, or duplication of this actively monitored images shall be granted without the written permission. Compensation will be aggressively pursued. Email info(@)dracinc(.)com for more info.