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Donn Thompson

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Paris Blues Bridal Gown Harlem Photographer
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Shearling Silver Foil Biker Jacket with Mongolian Fur
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 Los Angeles Mondrian Hotel Swimsuit
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Aftermath of Tomas St Lucia Fashion Photo
New York Fashion Photographer in  Anse La Raye St Lucia
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Fashion Photography

Dracinc / Donn Thompson is the intersection of high-end photography and influential fashion. Donn has a knack for capturing photos where the designer stands out. His images are eye-catching, electrifying, and exhilarating. Donn's exceptional expertise is in tying all three aspects to create compelling imagery by integrating beckoning backdrops, mesmerising models, and fixating fashion.

Dracinc On Exotic Locations

In late October of 2010, Hurricane Tomas ravaged St. Lucia's luscious landscapes. Donn Thompson invokes the terrain's enchanting spirit with his intoxicating images, a charming island that seduces all senses with its titillating topography. The people stood firm in the wake of the storm's wreckage, with uprooted trees and tree trunks fallen over. Despite the natural disaster's devastation, the people of St Lucia would rise like a phoenix.

St. Lucia's people's simplicity elevates the country's natural beauty, abundant culture, and deep heritage. The models are a symbol of the people's tenacity and resilience. They are ravishing in their white wardrobe against the background of the environment's vibrant green and brown scenery. The flowing river washes away the island's painful past.

New York Fashion Photographer Kuumber White Collection

St Lucis Fashion Photographer Kuumber White Collection

Kuumder Designs St Lucia

The indigenous ornaments by Adrienne Lockett and Akilah Jewelry complement the elegant Kuumba Fashion from Queen Esther. The white collection is bright and in stark contrast to the melanin of the female's complexion. Mariluz West did the magnetic makeup also enhances the underlying beauty of each face.

New York Fashion Photographer Face Mariluz West

Mariluz West Make Up St Lucia Photo

Makeup By Mariluz West

Intriguing fashion photo images are often the result of a collaborative process between individuals. A wardrobe stylist will fine-tune the details of a model's attire so that the garments occur fittingly showcased. A makeup artist and nail technician use colour to enhance the model's face and nails. As a New York photographer, Donn Thompson's mastery skillfully produces high-quality visuals. He guides the model's movement while simultaneously focusing on the best location, lighting, and angles for each shot. All of this contributes to bringing fashion front and center.

New York Fashion Photographer St. Lucia Silk Dress

Kuumba Designers Fashion Photo - St Lucia

Esther Joseph Designer

Fashion photography puts a spotlight on clothing designs and the culture, style, and appeal they represent. As a Harlem-based New York Fashion photographer, Donn has travelled to fascinating and alluring locations to photograph acclaimed fashion designers' works. Dracinc's creative team is committed to making your upcoming project a success.

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