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I was asked what I wanted my photos to say to the public. What is my inspiration?

Dracinc Location swimsuit Shoot Nassau Bahamas


BTS Nassau Photographer

Dracinc Location Magazine Bridal Shoot Harlem NYC

Donn Thompson Harlem Photographer Photo

Dracinc Location Magazine Shoot, Trinidad & Tobago,

Behind the Scenes Female Model Male Crew Trinidad

Dracinc Studio Set Up Beauty Shoot.

Harlem Studio - Dracinc - Donn Thompson

I take lots of things into consideration. My subject is my priority, and how far they want to go in exposing who they are. Space has to work. The photos must portray creativity and freedom. It is an actual method; with this, my creativity flows, and I always think about how to make this shoot and the images different. The first time I placed a camera in my hands, I could remember it like yesterday.

Discovering Photography

A new teacher from Canada, with many cameras, came to my school in The Bahamas to teach. He taught us how to use those cameras. Later that same year, I talked my mother into buying me a camera. I was thirteen years old, and it was my first camera, an Olympic Trip 35. That same year, she purchased a small black and white enlarger. I was so excited to have this camera and began taking photos of my sisters. They became my first models.

My two older sisters were very much into fashion, which gave me the edge and inspiration to appreciate style. They were very creative and talented and made their clothing, so I had the opportunity to photograph them in their fashionable outfits. They inspired me so much! Being in the darkroom was fascinating, and seeing what you could do was terrific. It got me hooked even more.

Learning about other photographers, their work, who, and what they shot made me want to sharpen my craft and learn as much as possible about the process and, in time, create some fantastic images.

Clifton Pier Exotic Beach Nassau Bahamas #22

Exotic Beach Locations

Exotic  Locations South Beach Nassau

I feel fortunate and privileged to travel to exotic places; I could only dream about doing what I love best, and I am passionate about photography. I've met and worked with many people and learned quite a bit.

My grandmother, Mae Thomas, always told me the truth and allowed me to participate in all the foolishness that came to my mind, and there was a lot. Thank You.

Abe Seltzer's owner and a mentor of Seltzer Studio were a big part of my learning experience. He taught me about teamwork, bringing out the best of a person standing in front of my camera, and how to see and capture lighting better.

Opportunity, Beautiful People, Thankful

With every project I've worked on and every road I've travelled, I continue to grow and evolve as an artist, a photographer, and a person. I'm thankful for the opportunity to continue to use my talent and this special gift to capture beautiful people and scenes from all walks of life worldwide and tell stories through my lens.



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