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My name is Donn Thompson, and I am a New York Photographer.

Capturing New York Advertising, New York Fashion, New York Beauty, New York Boudoir, New York Portrait and New York Lifestyle Photography. For more than thirty years, I have worked as a New York Commercial Advertising photographer. At the beginning of my career, I was a photography assistant in New York and I worked with some fantastic iconic New York photographers. I absorbed all the lessons that were taught to me by these icons.

Working as a photographer assistant in some of the largest studios in New York City, I learned many things, and the one most important thing is staying within a project's budget and meeting tight deadlines. I love creating, capturing, and recording images for the world to see. I hope I can take you on a journey of the people and places that have inspired me as a freelance photographer.

Advertising photography is used in many art forms. As a New York Advertising photographer for the past thirty-plus years, I had the privilege and honor of developing some important advertising campaigns around the world. I've photographed some alluring images to creatively and effectively present the tastes, wants and needs of the consumer. I have worked with some major New York advertising agencies, magazines, record labels, and designers and brands nationwide. I Have photographed the covers of prevalent magazines, albums, and CDs for some of the biggest Musicians, Rappers, Actors, Actress and CEO's.


As a Lifestyle photographer which can be quite a challenging field, but it allows Donn Thompson from a creative standpoint to tap into various art forms simultaneously. I Have been a New York Advertising Photographer, for the past thirty-plus years, and has collaborated, created and worked on some fantastic advertising campaigns around the globe. In addition to photographing many beautiful people, monumental iconic moments in unforgettable places.


Do you need your portrait taken, headshot or just portrait photography? Are you trying to create an appealing magazine or CD cover? Do you need a photographer to shoot your fashion show? Book me right now as your photographer to bring your next project to life. Whether we pull in an exotic location or the comfort of a New York studio, let's create the most amazing images together.


Fashion and Beauty photography is used in advertisements, fashion magazines, and line sheets to showcase clothing and other fashion creatively. Choose me to shoot your work, so that your garments will globally be seen. With my experience, knowledge, and worldliness, I will deliver the best images. I love the creative process involved in photographing the many pretty faces while shooting a beauty shot. Playing with lights in the studio or the use of natural light on an exotic location, and sometimes adding a color gels to enhance and obtain a stunning images. I would be delighted to photograph your Project. "Advertising Images, Magazine Covers, Editorial Portraits or CD Cover.


If you need a New York photographer and you have questions, please contact me today or Give me a call 646 - 705 - 2031

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