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Chila for fun fashion and beauty shoot at the Under Minerva Art Gallery in Brooklyn

Chila For Fun, Art Gallery, New York Fashion & Beauty Photographer

If we had a choice, we would seek all the best things in life. We would drive the fastest cars, fly worldwide in a blink of an eye, and dress in the best fashion. New York Fashion & Beauty Photographer captured his client and friend, Crochet & Knitwear Fashion Designer Chila For Fun @chilaforfun. Lovely handmade one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces at The Under Minerva Art Gallery, @underminervagallerbk, in the middle of Park Slope, Brooklyn.  

New York Fashion Designer

Chila showed her beautiful handmade one of kind Crochet & Knitted wearable art pieces, which fitted the models as if they were a part of the gallery’s display. The models themselves were as diverse and colourful as the gallery’s artwork on its white walls.

Cecilia Fabian, born in El Salvador, creates a collection of sexy, fun and spicy pieces that reflects Korea Town in Los Angeles, where she grew up, calling it Chila For Fun.

Kelly Bu@kellybu, a young gifted makeup artist, who is also an artist within her rights, was the appropriate person for this photoshoot. Kelly’s brilliant makeup was dazzling, inspired by Chila’s colourful crochet / knitted art masterpieces on each model’s face.

Esther, @sixixx, who calls herself an Angelic devil, graces the front page in a converted denim dress. She embodied Frida Kahlo #fridakahalo and Michael Jackson #michaeljackson in a one-of-a-kind hand-painted wearable art piece.

New York Fashion Designer, Chila For Fun Crocheted Spaghetti Strap

Female standing in a art gallery with art work hanging on the wall behind her with her habds pn her hips
Chila for fun Crocheted Spaghetti Strap Photographer

The lovely Christine Chae @wppxtina dressed in all-white silk knitted Couture Exclusive Wedding Gowns by Chila For Fun, @Chilaforfun, Photographed by New York Fashion & Beauty Photographer on the outside. Fifth Avenue was a show stopper on this cold Sunday morning in February as onlookers gazed at this stunning beautiful dark-haired woman as the wind blew her veil about 

Hand Knitted Silk Wedding Gown, captured by New York Fashion & Beauty Photographer

Garvin Gray, @revengeboss from Revenge Fashion Magazine @revengefashionmagazine pointed his movie camera at this beautiful woman, recording her sex appeal. She showed off herself in a soft light blue crocheted spaghetti strap full-length one piece, with six rings and six openings on each side, revealing the outstanding beauty of the fashionable wearable artwork. Christine’s could blend in with the artwork in Chila’s multi-functional recycled denim wrap. Standing out is magical!

New York Fashion & Beauty Photographer at The Under Minerva Art Gallery

Chila For Fun Breast Cancer Think Pink New York Fashion & Beauty Photographer

Pink Could Be Fun with New York Fashion & Beauty Photographer

Whoever said, Think Pink #thinkpink couldn’t be fun. A chocolate bombshell in Lepidolite rose colour pink two-piece Breast Cancer Collection. #breastcancerawareness All Handmade Couture by Chila For Fun with Silver gems and six silver rings adorn the neckline, a centre ring that highlights the cleavage. A short sensual skirt shows the beauty of Model Afrika’s enticing legs, long enough to cover the backside.

Photographed in Brooklyn By New York Photographer Donn Thompson. @dracinc_photos For more images, check out To view more of Chila For Fun, click Enjoy the website.

Place: The Under Minerva Art Gallery

Designer: Crochet & Knitwear Fashion

Date: 02.09.2020

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Title: New York Fashion PhotographerChila For Fun

Makeup Artist: Kelly Bu

Models: Esther@sixixx  + Christine Chae @wppxtina + Afrika @afrika_143

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  1. Roberta

    I really enjoyed scrolling through the photography and appreciate the use of art within the art. The portrait especially caught my eye! Bravo! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  2. Kerry

    Dracinc, one of the best and coolest photographer i know.
    Keep doing that great job that you’re doing !! 😊

  3. dracinc

    Thank You, Kerry, it was me who had the pleasure of getting to know you and work with you.

  4. dracinc

    Roberta, working with you as my client help me sharped my eyes and looking for the little details was the ice cream on the cake. Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Sirahn

    Absolutely gorgeous, this set really shows artistic range…. the colors so pleasing to the eye !

  6. Foto Grafer

    Amazing visuals. I feel like I am almost there. Donn work gets better every tine I see it. Like fine wine.

  7. dracinc

    Thank you…There is more to come. I want to highlight more of my photoshoot and travels on my blog..

  8. dracinc

    When you have creative people to work with, they make you work better.

  9. Padita

    Every picture has a story/interpretation to it. Often time we look through them and make up our own interpretation, most times wrong and all the time ignorant of the true story. With this Mr Thompson, you let us have it all ; our interpretation and the true story behind every art that is your picture(s). This is Good Art.

  10. Joni

    Wow, Donn!!! I feel like you did such a phenomenal job with this shoot!! You were definitely the man to truly capture the exoticness of Chila For Fun! The clothes are so unique. The models are gorgeous, and my goodness, the whole thing looked absolutely funnn!!

  11. Christina

    Incredible day with vibrant personalities and fashion. Loved every minute of this day with Donn, Kelly, Chila, and the team. Please stay tuned for more!

  12. Dr. Ellen Williams

    Donn’s experience and artistry in the area of photography shows a depth of skill that is unparrelled by any one in the whole global community!
    His sensitivity to his clients best exposure side and his art of catching the right moment is a sign of his attention to details that are very fitting for the moment and is a clear indicstion of his high standards in his field.

  13. Mía Washington

    Amazing work Mr. Thompson.
    You have an eye for detail and that’s for certain. Your photos tells story which even a million words won’t be able to express this beautifully.

  14. dracinc

    Christina, It was an incredible moment watching you do your stuff through the camera lens, wearing Chila For Fun beautiful one of a kind art pieces

  15. Raxann Chin

    Donn Thompson’s photography is above par! Always a pleasure working with you, Donn! I’ve been feeding my creative soul by viewing your art during the quarantine, and truly can’t wait for our next photo session for my clients! They are ALWAYS pleased with your work!

  16. dracinc

    Thank You, My Love… I can’t wait to start working again… and with you as always

  17. Chila

    I am really proud of my creative handwork- “often imitated but never duplicated” couldn’t have shown my work in a better light than with you Donn…You are a genius behind the lens and your energy is always embrace by Chila 🤪 Love you and thank you and Everyone who collaborated with Me ✌🏼@chilaforfun

  18. dracinc

    It’s always the best when photographing Chila For Fun. @chilaforfun You inspire me to be creative with your bold self and you’re amazing energy.

  19. Shedika

    Wow elegant yet unorthodox pieces! Loving the crochet trend that is happening currently. A wedding crochet dress, who would’ve ever thought.

  20. dracinc

    I know, right! A white silk knitted Wedding Gown… Fire!!!

  21. Sherry

    Chila’ For Fun’s fashion line is phenomenal! Wow! What better way to set the trend than to grab her fashions for any season. I’m especially fond of her swimwear.

  22. Chithra

    Donn Thompson is my #1 choice for a photographer. He artistically captures images that stand out and visually captivate one’s attention. Donn’s photography is an aesthetic adventure for the eyes.

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