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These reviews from real clients were collected from review sites like Google, Yelp, and Bing.

As a commercial advertising photographer based in Harlem, New York City, I am pleased to be a long-time member of this growing community. I take pride in being a Photographer in Harlem and strive to exceed your expectations by providing a fantastic experience to capture the best photographs of your choice.

I have included some reviews to better understand my approach as a New York Photographer. I photograph musicians, products, beauty brands, clothing lines, ad campaigns, weddings, and engagement sessions. I have travelled to exotic locations to capture the best images for your magazine. This is just the beginning of what I can offer.



Michelle Rose

A fantastic New York photographer who is dedicated to his craft. I enjoyed working with this talented, funny, generous, and uniquely creative man. His brilliant photographs are truly remarkable, and they tell incredible stories—a true professional who never disappoints.

Bria Van Cooten

It's always a great time working with Donn. He chooses excellent locations, takes impressive photos & as a wardrobe stylist, tells me what he wants & allows me to do my job as a stylist. He's fantastic at what he does, he has a great eye & he also listens/takes suggestions. You would love to work with him.

Shawana Biggs

Donn was so professional, and his pictures were perfect. You won't be disappointed! I highly recommend him for all your photography needs.

Markie Abbott

I had the fantastic opportunity to shoot with him. He's super professional and knows how to get the perfect shots. His work was definitely a bonus for my portfolio.

Steven Blaze

Donn Thompson is a master artist via Photography. His ambition is a constant part of his art, constantly pushing to get the best out of his subjects.
His professionalism is what he prides himself on. A man who has been in the business for 25 years and is still on top of his game. How do I know he helped shape the image of a magazine called New Word Magazine that I own. He is an iconic photographer and a lovely work to work.

Waverly Rose Brim

It's always a pleasure working with Donn. He knows his craft and shares his tenure by directing and uplifting the models he works with. I'm always in love with what he produces. He is the real deal.


Donn is hot and welcoming. He provides a professional service in the photos that we took are excellent and very editorial. I always enjoy working with him when I get a chance because he is very open-minded in creativity, And he's always sharp-minded and ready to work.

Tg Strother Makeup

I met Donn many years ago when I first started as a Makeup Artist. Throughout the years, he has given me advice on creating a professional portfolio. He taught me that everything must come together to make great beauty & fashion photos….The Photography, the Model, the Makeup, the Hair, the Styling, etc. Thanks to his advice and Photography, I have built a professional portfolio. He is a fantastic photographer, and I would definitely recommend him for your next event.

Yudy Valdez

I've been very blessed to have worked with Donn as a model. He's an incredible photographer who understands what you really need.

Kerry Mantle

I worked with Donn Thompson, and he is astounding! Very professional! I love his work! He produced incredible photos for me, particularly for my headshots in the acting industry. I get many compliments on my headshots. He put together the ones I needed within a super-fast turnaround. He knows how to create a wide range of pictures, from simple to highly creative. He is the best photographer! I'm going to keep going back to Donn for my future pics as well.

Rosita Dameri

Donn Thompson is a great Photographer! Thank you for your beautiful work and ability to challenge me to a whole new level of reflecting my soul via the accurate picture. It was a unique and inspiring experience, and your Photography has provided me with new assignments!! I can't wait for the next session!! Greetings from Amsterdam
I would travel anywhere to work with you again someday soon.

maddy & lo

Donn was absolutely fantastic. He was very accommodating. He listened to my ideas and brought my vision to life. He knows just the right angles and just the proper positioning in his Photography, and the perfect timing of the right light needed in photos. It was nothing but a positive experience with Donn, and I highly recommend you use him for your photos! He put all of my needs first before his own, and it was overall an outstanding and fun experience!!!


Donn is a mega-talent, bringing a keen eye, sensitivity, and great technique to extract the most salient aspects of whatever he is shooting. We really loved working with him as our set photographer for our film ONE HIT WONDER, and we loved the results he gave us from the shoot.

Sharon Walrond

Donn Thompson/Dracinc is a phenomenal photographer. His vast knowledge and experience as a photographer allowed him to capture and provide beautiful images with no matter the subject! He's exceptionally great to work with.
I've had the pleasure of being photographed by Donn, and his artistry, creativity, and professionalism are bar none.
I was thrilled with the outcome!!!
I can't wait to work with him again!!!!

Rosalind McLymont

Donn has photographed several covers for The Network Journal with subjects that include the CEOs of leading U.S. corporations, such as Arnold Donald of Carnival Corp. We have always received great feedback on those covers. Our subjects have expressed appreciation for his talent-- his ability to put them at ease, catch them in their most candid, real-self moments, and bring out their natural gorgeous with his finishing. We will work with Donn again and again.

Durrell And Sherine

Donn did wonders for my engagement photos, and I thank him tremendously... Sorry for being late and having you guys waiting there so long, I really didn't expect that, but I appreciate your patience even tho I know you were cursing me to Africa and back. Just what I saw amazed me, and thank you again for capturing our love.


I definitely love Donn as a photographer and as a colleague. His work speaks for itself, and for me as a makeup artist, he allows my talent and creativity to show through, and therefore I believe he makes me better in my field of work and inspires me to do greater! He really has a great talent!

Fashion Lab Africa

The work detail, quality & consistency of Drac Inc.'s work over the years definitely put him in a league of his own.


Donn Thompson was the lead photographer for my daughter's wedding. He went above and beyond the role of a photographer!

He was professional, and creative, and, most importantly, provided us with unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime.

I am so happy I made a choice to use Drac Inc.

Nadine Grigsby

Donn Thompson is a very talented photographer with a great personality, and I absolutely enjoy working with him. He's clearly passionate about what he does and makes you feel very relaxed while maintaining a firm humorous approach. He took the most beautiful wedding pictures of me that truly captured my face, spirit, and personality. The pictures are really stunning, and I've received many compliments about them.

I highly recommend Donn for your next event. Whether you're a model, actor, musician, popular entertainer, business professional, or individual who wants a lasting memory, Donn captures images that speak to viewers through a visual language we all share.

Drac Inc. 1 year ago

Thank you, Nadine. You were always wonderful to shoot as a model and at your Wedding also.


Donn Thompson is very professional. He is very punctual and is ready to capture every moment of the special day, from getting ready to the ceremony, the reception, and everything else in between. The pictures he took of the special day made me feel I was reliving the day again. His personality is hot. Overall I was very impressed with his services. I will definitely use Drac Inc. photography again for other special occasions.

Gwendolyn Nicks James

My Wedding was held in Montego, Jamaica, in February 2013 at my villa www.dreamcastlevilla.com. We never meet. Still, After hearing so much about Mr Donn Thompson and DracInc Photography, his ticket and accommodations were booked. My husband and I were pleased with the results.

Much Love

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