Harlem Photographer Black Madonna Portrait
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Harlem Photographer Black Madonna Portrait

Harlem Photographer Haitian Woman Black & White Photo

I vividly remember the year 1998 when I watched the movie "Belly" directed by music video director Hype Williams. The lighting, use of colours, angles, and artwork were all captivating.

Harlem Photographer Haitian Woman Black & White Photo

I was particularly drawn to the black and white photos displayed in Tommy's crib. I immediately knew I had to learn how to create such images. I stumbled upon some photos years later and discovered that Thierry Le Goues was the photographer behind these beautiful images.

This discovery led me to embark on a journey to learn his techniques for getting strong blacks with texture and white highlights with lots of details.

With this knowledge, I was able to create my own version of the Black.

Harlem Photographer Natural Light Black & White Nude

New York Photographer Window Light Black & White Nude

Madonna is an image that depicts Mary and Jesus with black or dark skin. The Black Madonna is a common sight in Catholic and Orthodox countries.

Donn Thompson, a New York Advertising Photographer, created the Harlem Black Madonna image.

Location: 152 West 124th Street, New York NY 10027.

1/80; f/5.0; ISO 50; 100.0 mm.

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