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Harlem Engagement - Morningside Park Photo

Title: Harlem Engagement Photography & Weddings – Morningside Park

Date: January 08 2009

Place: Morningside Park

Location: Harlem, New York

Harlem Engagement Photography & Weddings.

Harlem Engagement Photography & Weddings, it’s about finding an incredible location that matches the couple’s personality. In this incident, I used Morningside Park, in the beautiful village of Harlem, a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. 

Morningside Park in Harlem’s Neighborhood.

Morningside Park. This 30-acre public park area in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. This extends from 110th to 123rd Streets and Morningside Avenue to Morningside Drive at the border between Harlem and Morningside Heights, which was the perfect backdrop for Nadine & Quincy intimate engagement photo session. Which is adjacent to Columbia University. 

This location has many trees and lovely foliage that line the long trail ways in the park. The many steps, which elevate from one area to the next, bring you to the top of Morningside Heights, overlooking the east side of Manhattan. The view from the bottom of Morningside Drive looks completely different depending on which street your standing. To stand in the park and face south, you can see the downtown skyline. As twilight bent the loving couple, Nadine and Quincy displayed their love, which got only more durable as the evening ended, with beautiful luminous sunlight.

As a Harlem Photographer, I have photographed many other types of photography sessions in this fantastic park. Portraits, fashion for designer full-line, beauty images, some music, and commercial photography. Morningside Park would be the perfect backdrop for a Harlem wedding.

This location is one of the best views to witness in the fall, with the changing of leaves, its spectacular fall colors. If you are from Harlem or close by, I would recommend Morningside park as a location for any photo shoot. It’s one of my favorite New York City locations for any photography session, as a Harlem Photographer, it works best for me.

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  1. Chithra

    I love these pictures. Donn’s photography always touches my heart. Donn’s experience and expertise along with his God given gift to bring mesmerizing photographs to life has made him the most sought after photographer in the world. In these images, he effortlessly captures the romance and affection between two people that are destined for a lifetime of love. Donn is the greatest artist of all time.

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