An Amazing Fashion Brooklyn Wedding

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Ocean Avenue

An Amazing Fashion Brooklyn Wedding

A portraits of a bride and groom in a park
Prospect Park Brooklyn Wedding

An Amazing Fashion Brooklyn Wedding. Durrell and Sherine dedicated a special day and moment for this unbelievable picture-perfect ceremony on a Sunday afternoon, followed by a beautiful photoshoot in Brooklyn’s majestic and Lushes Prospect Park. The weather was astonishing, with blue skies, fresh-smelling green trees, and blooming flower bushes. Birds were chirping as if serenading this fashion-forward couple’s Brooklyn Wedding.

Brooklyn Engagement at Lake in Prospect Park.

An Engagement Session by the Prospect Park Lake
Brooklyn’s Lake in Prospect Park

Brooklyn’s Lake in Prospect Park was as beautiful as this day was. For the Prospect Park, Lake Engagement session, elegant White swans came out from nowhere just to put a classic touch to make the images memorable. Making sure these wedding images were radiant in Prospect Park, Harlem Wedding Photographer Donn Thompson captured

The Bride with the flower girls in a Brooklyn Wedding
A beautiful bride and flower girls

All About the Fashion for a Brooklyn Wedding.

The vintage royal blue tuxedo dinner jacket with black pants worn by the groom was a fashion statement for a Brooklyn Wedding. Appropriately matched the bridge’s fishtail white couture strapless gown with a long white lace veil that dragged the ground as freely as the wind blows. 

Brooklyn’s Villa Russo Rennaissance in Richmond Hill, NY.

The Models for the Centrepiece.

The couple looked like they were the models for the centrepiece of every wedding cake. The couple’s image and presents were as if they were walking off the pages of a fashion magazine. Durrel and Sherine’s passion and sexiness for each other were as sensual as all hell.

Onlookers congratulated the newlywed husband and wife as they crossed Ocean Avenue to enter Prospect Park. It’s just another Summer Sunday Afternoon for a wedding.

Bride and Groom walk away as husband and wife, in a Brooklyn Wedding.
Walking away Husband and wife

Prospect Park Lawn Engagement

New York Wedding Photographer Dracinc / Donn Thompson told the story of this Bested dressed Bride & Groom. The couple showed their delight at this hour on a particular day to take a photograph of love which the couple’s Prospect Park Lawn Engagement images illustrate. On this beautiful day, observe a loving husband and wife’s union.

Groom and Groom's men in a Brooklyn Wedding
The groom and groom’s men
Brooklyn Wedding couple
Brooklyn Wedding Couple photographer

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