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Afrofunkk Fashion Photographer

Afrofunkk is Tribal Funkk ❤ !

Afrofunkk is an eclectic apparel and accessories brand, that uses all handmade, printed fabrics, the raw materials for which are sourced from around the world.
The designer works alongside the local artisans to source and design these fabrics.
Afrofunkk caters to the bold and daring souls that feel the funk!
The designer is a funkky nomadic wanderer and daydreamer. She’s very passionate about her brand and designs everything with love.

AfroFunkk The Soi Blue ( Summer Dress )

Charlene Sheppard-Duncan is the Owner and Designer for the brand AFROFUNKK, which she runs out of Brooklyn, New York.

Afrofunkk The Lady Antoinette fashion Photo

Always in search of unique fabrics, techniques, and inspiration, Sheppard-Duncan has traveled the world to South Africa, Hungary, Indonesia, Siberia, Belgium, Lesotho, Swaziland, Europe, and most recently India seeking out authentic and indigenous suppliers and fellow artisans who produce one-of-a-kind pieces, which compliment her

“I cannot be contained; I am, in all words and deeds, a free spirit.” - Charlene Sheppard-Duncan

All Photos by Harlem Photographer: Dracinc / Donn Thompson

Location: 138 East 117th Street, New York NY 10035.

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