Je'Suis NYC Black Dress
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Je'Suis NYC Black Dress

This Simple black Dress By Harlem Fashion Photographer Donn Thompson

This Simple black dress was one of the sexy gowns I had the delight of photographing for a new young up and coming fashion designer, her first collection. Je'Suis NYC!

A sheer black dress decorated with a floral lace torso that hugs the body. A superficial cut neckline delicately draped off the shoulders, side slits, and the revealing touch to this dress is what made such an excellent image.

Or, and as the saying goes! Every lady should have a black dress in her wardrobe as a part of her fashion narrative. Je'Suis black dress is a must-have. That's a simple truth!

New York Black Gown

Je'suis NYC Black Gown!

New York City Experiences By Harlem Photographer Donn Thompson

The young West African designer, Senami Atinkpahoun adds her New York City experiences where she went to high school and college and lives. She injects the sexiness of her vibrant culture. The French-speaking West African nation, Republic of Benin. The birthplace of vodun (or “voodoo”) religion and home to the former Dahomey Kingdom from circa 1600–1900. In Abomey, Dahomey's former capital. With the abundance and pallets of colours, tones, and shades while mixing the many prints. Playing with shapes and silhouettes are just some aspects of boldness to expect From Ms Atinkpahoun. With the many colourful African elements and fabric with New York City's Street smarts, you only get this by living in The Big Apple.

A Pinch of Colour. Apart From Africa, That's Je'suis

She arranges and blends the two worlds as if she was preparing food. A pinch of colour. Apart from Africa. The fabric she collects, two-part sexiness and various New York City styles. Which she describes as Je'suis NYC. Photographed by New York ( NYC ) Fashion Photographer, Dracinc / Donn Thompson.

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Location: 361 Saint Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY. 10027.

1/250; f/6.3; ISO 50; 51.0 mm.

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