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Je'Suis Garment Photographer

Je'Suis Garment Photographer. Getting dressed in the morning is an art that people perform every day.Witnessing this designer styling a garment on a model is like watching an artist paint.

The Designer's words

" I love the feeling someone gets when they put on a Je Suis garment and their face lights up. I design to accentuate curves, make crushes look twice, highlight unforgettable nights with incredible people. My designs are wearable art."

I look at clothing and people in fashion differently and think to myself how I want to photograph them. For a professional Fashion photo shoot contact New York Fashion Photographer Donn Thompson / Dracinc.

Location: 351 Saint Nicholas Ave. New York, NY10027.

1/250; f/8.0; ISO 50; 70.0 mm.

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