Guyana's Georgetown Middle Street Rain Fashion Photo
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Guyana's Georgetown Middle Street Rain Fashion Photo

As a fashion photographer with access to some of the best resources, I was considering South America as a location for my photo shoot. Guyana, a country that receives heavy rainfall, caught my attention. Its capital city, Georgetown, is renowned for its beauty and friendly people. I arranged to conduct a fashion shoot for a men's clothing line on Middle Street.

The sky was cloudy, and it seemed like it was about to rain, which made everyone worried that we might not shoot. I suggested that we could use the rain and shoot in it. The Natural fabrics would work well with all the natural beauty I had to work with. In the end, we got some great shots despite the rain.

Guyana Middle Street Rain Photo Shoot 1

Georgetown Rainy Day Bike Rider Fashion Photographer

Location: George Town, Guyana..

1/2000; f/2.8; ISO 2000; 108.0 mm.

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