Central Park Conservatory Rain Engagement Photographer
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Central Park Conservatory Rain Engagement Photographer

As the song goes, " A rainy night in Georgia, Lord I believe it's rainin' all over the world.

On this day in New York City as this engagement photo shoot by New York Photographer Dracinc | Donn Thompson was being held, it sure felt like it was raining all over the world.

The lovely couple Tyrese & Dekeyah were determined to have their engagement commemorated on this day, regardless of the weather. It seemed like the rain decided to fall harder once we walked through the Vanderbilt Gates, but nothing could stop us from taking those images on that rainy day in Central Park. Carefully and creatively, we shot their love story under the pouring rain in Central Park, on the six-acres between Fifth Avenue and 105th Street, known as The Conservatory Garden.

The garden looked incredible, under a dark hazy blue sky, surrounded by wet green bushes and trees. The grey slated walkways were covered with just enough leaves to form a makeshift carpet. The benches were also covered with some of the same leaves, making the garden like a romantic scene from a movie set.

That black umbrella I had laying in my car trunk for so long was the perfect tool to have for the moment. Nowhere was safe from the rain. The water-dropping from the umbrella helped make the shots as I tried to get Tyrese to hold Dekeyah closer to keep her safe and warm from the cold breezy weather, while Dekeyah's love was like the rain. It was everywhere, as she hung onto Tyrese's every move.

Location: E 105th St And 5th Ave New York, NY 10021.

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