Eartha Kitt Magazine Cover Isaac Mizrahi Grown Photo
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Eartha Kitt Magazine Cover Isaac Mizrahi Grown Photo

Eartha Kitt Captured By Harlem Photographer Dracinc | Donn Thompson

Photographing Eartha Kitt was something on my bucket list, which I could say I completed.

The best thing about this shoot was all the people who helped on the photo shoot that day were all first-generation West Indians. We talked about how it was watching our parents work daily to help us grow—coming together to do a photoshoot of Eartha Kitt.

An actress who was run out of her own country, the USA, for speaking the truth to a Presidental dinner by that same President of the United States.

Eartha Kitt Celebrity

Even better, I got to use some props from the movie Cat woman.

The off-white Isaac Mizrahi short dress with a long Spanish cape dragged the floor.

Location: 248 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012.

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