Zoey's Vivacious Holler Photograph

Zoey's Vivacious Holler Photograph

The jaw-dropping aspect of this engaging photo is the capture of a fluid moment. As she opens her mouth widely, her eye-catching saliva is still in motion. Her ocean blue, ice-cube like eyes are accentuated with a gorgeous lavender eyeshadow. In this image, her hot pink lips are the most captivating outburst of color. The tilt of her head, her intense facial expression, and her emotion emitting eyebrows are all framed by her wavy, dirty brown hair. Her tea green top naturally blends in with the foliage from the background. Contact Dracinc today to have your images captured by Donn Thompson.

Location: Marcus Garvey Park. 6316, Mt Morris Park W, New York, NY 10027.

1/320; f/2.8; ISO 400; 63.0 mm.

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