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Liz Ogumbo's exuberant Wine Tasting and Fashion event was exquisitely chronicled by Dracinc's, exceptional photographer, Donn Thompson. In spite of the rain, people flocked to Brooklyn's, The Narativ, to get an exclusive peek at Liz Ogumbo’s trailblazing fashion and sip of her tantalizing wines. Dripping with zeal and zest, The Liz Ogumbo Brand is a genuine reflection of her personality and artistry. As a designer, she unites her passion for life with her love of African style and culture to create extraordinary fashion.

Wine Fashion Photography & The Narativ

A half hour prior to the event, make-up artist, Trini Amber, accentuated Liz’s rich complexion with bronzer blush and shimmery eyeshadow. Every twenty minutes, Liz would change into a different eye-catching outfit. Throughout the evening, Liz's make-up complemented each one of her sleek and chic designer dresses.

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The soiree attracted a diverse group of New Yorkers whose senses were enticed and intrigued with Liz Ogumbo's wines and designs. It was truly a collaboration of talent.

Brooklyn Narativ Wine  Fashion

Trini transformed Liz’s appearance to coordinate with each ensemble she adorned, while every unforgettable moment was flawlessly shot by New York Fashion Donn Thompson / Dracinc.

Location: 385 Tompkins, Brooklyn NY. 11216.

1/80; f/2.8; ISO 800; 28.0 mm.

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