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For me when I look at photography, I also see it as art. I use colors, composition, and perspective, and make them work together. I don't limit my thoughts on what I want to see, a perspective without limitations. As a New York Advertising Photographer you get to view my personal photography and how I shoot, realizing I keep history in mind.

Edward Weston, Helmut Newton, and Ansel Adams were the great masters of photography. Ansel Adams's black and white landscape was so rich and full of tonal qualities. His creation of the zone system made his black and white images look like as if they were color images.

Edward Weston images of peppers and how he used shadows and lights to make those peppers look like art are amazing. Finally, the way Helmut Newton freely photographed women in the book called Big Nude created an illusion as if you were there.

These are some of the things that have inspired me as a photographer.

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