New York Advertising Photographer - Donn Thompson
 Guyana Boudoir Photo Ariantze Hotel
New York City Boudoir Photography Ariantze Hotel, GT
New York City Boudoir Photographer Ariantze Peek a Boo
  Better in The Bahamas Family Beach Day Photographer
Resort World White Swimsuit
Resort World Bimini Three Woman Surfboard Photo
Resort World Bimini Red Swimsuit Photographer
Ritz Calton Beach Girl Advertising Photographer
Better In The Bahamas Vacation Couple
 Jolly Roger Family
Better In The Bahamas Bay Street Selfie Photographer
Corcoran Holt The Mecca CD Cover
Makin' Style 002 Cover & Pages
Profiles 98 Spring 2010 Issue 3 Cover
Talk Magazine Cover Guyana
Solo Woman Anna Maria Horsford Cover