The Black Madonna Portrait Photographer

The Black Madonna Portrait Photographer

I could remember as if it was yesterday. 1998. Belly the movie. Directed by music video director Hype Williams. The lighting, the use of colors, the angles, the artwork. With DXM and Nas, two young brothers from the streets of Queens, New York. Tommy & Sincere

The Black & White Photos in Tommy's crib was eye-catching and something I need to know how to do. Whiles opening up a whole new search to finding out how and who photograph these beautiful images. Some years later I came across some of the photos and find out who the photographer was. Thierry Le Goues ( ) It took me a few more years to just take the time and sit and teach myself the process of getting strong blacks with texture and whites highlights with lots of details. The Black Madonna Is one of the images I did with this Process.

Location: 152 West 124th Street, New York NY 10027.

1/80; f/5.0; ISO 50; 100.0 mm.

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