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Donn Thompson

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Harlem Photographer - Dracinc / Donn Thompson
Harlem Photographer - Dracinc / Donn Thompson
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Afrofunkk Bags Photography
Afrofunkk Bags & Things
Harlem Photographer - Dracinc / Donn Thompson
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Harlem Photographer - Dracinc / Donn Thompson

Harlem Product Photography

I am a professional Photographer in Harlem Who specialises in commercial product photography.

I pay attention to all details, lighting, backgrounds, colour management and other technical factors to give my client superior product photography.

Product Photographed

Some of the still life I am asked to photograph are fashion items, Clothing, Jewelry, and Makeup. Hair Products, Packaging, bottles of any kind, toys, cars and more

Best Photographer for Your Photoshoot

You are looking for the person with the best skills as a Harlem photographer. I have the experience to help increase your product through photography.

Please review my style as a commercial product photographer. I hope you feel I will meet all your expectations for your project.

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