New York Beauty Photographer – Lotus Queen

New York Beauty Photographer – Lotus Queen
New York Beauty photographer Donn Thompson Lotus Queen

Beads of sweat glistened on her velvety, caramel skin, much like the morning dew spotted on a lotus leaf. New York Photographer Lotus Queen’s new day had dawned for this royal heiress as she rose to the highest power. Adorned with striking, large gold hoops, and lips painted with a regal, cherry color, she ascended her rightful throne. Her majestic head wrap was her crown and an emblem of her reign. With a commanding gaze towards her faithful subjects, she ruled over her empire. A beautiful image captured by New York Beauty Photographer Donn Thompson at Dracinc Studio.

New York Beauty Photographer

Her empire where she is always the Lotus Queen. The throne, where she rules, her bed! Her sleep! Where it all starts when she closes her eyes and ends as they open.

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  1. Bill Mortley

    I really love these images. I especially love the close-up but it makes me think of why she would be perspiring so much. Would you please share your lighting technique?

  2. Kamela

    Loving this Queen picture story…continue the great work!

  3. dracinc

    Thank You Kamela. Always trying to stay fresh.

  4. dracinc

    She is the Lotus Queen, She is not perfect. She closes her eyes and her world she rules. We dont know why she is so wet, so used your imagination. I use Speed-o-tron Strobes lights and exposed @ 1/250; f/2.0; ISO 50; 35.0 mm

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