NYC Boudoir Photographer Window Light B&W Photo
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NYC Boudoir Photographer Window Light B&W Photo

Harlem Boudoir Window Black & White Photo

New York Boudoir Window Black & White

Light is a natural phenomenon that emits itself through every crevice. Time slows down while travelling at the speed of light, light in colour, which reflects itself. We know light bounces off the lens to our eyes to tell you it’s black & white. What is light, exactly?

These three black-and-white images show how light bounces and reflects with just a simple whiteboard placed between the subject and the camera.

Harlem Boudoir Black & White Latina Photo

New York Boudoir Photographer Black & White Latina

I used reflective lights to display the deepness of the rich tonal qualities. The softness of each image has black shadows, which sometimes come off as being hard. The whites have incredible details that balance the colour, Black and White.

The steer of the femme fetal invites you in to be a part of her world.

Location: 258 W135th Street, New York 10030.

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